Whether you are an independent operator or have a fleet of servicemen, we have you covered.

At Tactical Merchant Solutions we work with all types of businesses. From a mobile appliance repair service that takes payments on the spot to a full service auto repair shop that needs a full point-of-sale system we have you covered. 

TMS can provide just the solution that is right for your business. Whether you need mobile point-of-sale capabilities or full invoicing that integrates with your bookkeeping software (like Quickbooks) we work with the best solution providers in the industry.

Get in touch to learn how TMS can help streamline your daily activities and lower your sosts at the same time. 

The right solution for the job.

Some businesses send invoices, some businesses take money on the spot. Whatever your requirement we have the best solution for your needs. 

We research all the top solutions and only recommend those that meet our requirements for reliability, security, and functionality. When we set you up with a new system we want to be confident you’re getting the best solution for the application!

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Mobile Business? Check out SwipeSimple!

The best way to accept payments on the go!!

Thousands of small business owners — including general contractors, limos and taxi fleets, and towing companies — rely on SwipeSimple to accept payments when delivering services and selling goods on the go.

SwipeSimple’s easy to operate mobile app connects with the SwipeSimple card reader to make transactions fast, easy, and most importantly, secure.

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