Tactical Merchant Solutions is a Full service business solutions provider

From payment processing to point of sale to lending, TMS has you covered.Β 

Payment Processing

Whether in person, online, or mobile, we can help with your processing needs. At TMS we work with the top payment solution providers and have all the latest equipment to make your transactions fast, easy, and most importantly, secure!

With low rate standard processing or programs that eliminate your fees all together, we can work a program to meet your needs.

Business Services - Point-Of-Sale

Managing your day to day operations can be a full time job for multiple people. At TMS we have numerous solutions to help streamline your workflow and SAVE YOU TIME. Whether you require a simple point-of-sale system for a small pop-up boutique or a complete restaurant/retail management system for tracking inventory, employee time tracking, reporting, etc., we have what you need!

Want to learn more about what we offer and schedule a demo? Just contact us and we'll be in touch promptly.


Are you in a contract, but still feel like you are paying too much? Do you use a software system that includes processing but they are charging higher fees? We can help!!!

We have helped MANY companies lower their processing costs without changing processors. We will negotiate on your behalf with your current provider. If we can't lower your costs you pay NOTHING!!!

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Priority Lending

Interested in loan based on your credit card volume not your credit score?
Want a payment program that is flexible, where you don't have to worry about missing a payment?

With a Merchant Cash Advance you can pay your loan back based on your daily card charges. If you have a good month, more gets paid to the loan. If you have a slow month... no problem (and no penalty), you still pay on the loan just less gets paid back.

Reach out to TMS today to learn more about how we can help get you the funds you need!