Who We Are?

We're Not Bankers!!!

We come from the retail industry and know what small businesses need!!

For the last 20+ years we have been working with retail business (mostly small independent) supplying products. When we saw how independent retailers were getting treated by banks and card processors we knew it was time to step in. 

All of our solutions, whether card processing, point-of-sale, or invoicing are provided with the goal of streamlining workflow, increasing productivity, and increasing profitability. 

Personal Service

We don’t leave you after the sale. We are here to help our customers anytime!

Most card processors send in a salesman to “close the deal” then you are turned over to a call center. That is NOT the case with TMS. We’re always just a call, text, or email away. In fact, when you contact us through our website your message goes straight to the owner!

We’d love to hear from you!

Our Core Values

The TMS slogan, “Our Target Is Your Bottom Line”, is not just a nice phrase, it is truly how we approach our business. If we can’t help increase productivity, save money, and help your business run more efficiently, we simply have not done our job. 

We Strive To: