With Over 20 Years in THe Firearms Business We Know What Gun Dealers Need

A Partner That Supports You

2021 would have been the 24th straight SHOT Show we have attended. That’s right! We’ve been around the firearms business since 1998. So when we tell you “we’re not bankers” you can believe it!

One thing is common in the firearms industry is gun dealers usually pay more for card processing than other businesses. Why? It’s because they are considered “high risk” in the processing world. It’s also because MANY processing companies simply don’t want to have involvement in the gun business so they figure if they do, then they will just charge higher fees. 

At TMS we not only offer aggressive rates, but we do business with firearms dealers because WE WANT TO!

A Partner That Understands What Your Business Needs

We know the stringent requirements that are necessary to maintain your FFL. The systems we offer stay up to date with all current requirements and give you confidence your paperwork is accurate, secure, and 100% in compliance with the current ATF regulations. 

Not only do our systems keep you compliant, they simplify your daily operations so you have time to focus on growing your business.

A Partner That Can Help Your Bottom Line

One thing lacking in the firearms industry is strong profit margins. Tactical Merchant Solutions literally got into business to help retailers increase their bottom line and operate more efficiently.   

Have you heard of the NO FEE card processing solutions available to gun dealers? This system allows dealers to legally pass the card processing fees along to card users all while rewarding customers who pay with cash. These no fee programs are built right into our POS systems or can be easily integrated into a standard terminal. 

Want to learn more about the NO FEE programs? Contact us here!